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Dimensional Investing

Key people at Dimensional – Booth, Butler, Fama, French, and McQuown – discuss the firm’s distinctive approach to investing. (August 2017, 3 minutes)

Booth and McQuown Look Back

Two old friends, David Booth and Mac McQuown, reminisce about the early days of modern finance, the first index funds, and the beginnings of Dimensional. This enjoyable and informative conversation is about half an hour long. (August 2015, 35 minutes)

Great Ideas

This brief video highlights Dimensional's mission of implementing the great ideas of finance. (October 2015 2 minutes)

Volatile Markets

Key people at Dimensional - Booth, Fama, French, Butler - reflect on challenges advisors and clients face when markets turn volatile. (February 2016, 3 minutes)

Wellington on Dimensional

Weston explains his experience of coming to embrace the Dimensional approach to investing. This is a great account of what I think all of us go through in one way or another in choosing this approach for ourselves. (March 2014, 4 minutes)

Booth on Indexing

David Booth reflects on the early days of indexing, its success, and its ongoing importance for the investing world. (September 2016, 2 minutes)

Adding Up

David Booth explains how Dimensional strives to add value at every step of the investment process — from portfolio construction, to implementation, to operations — in the effort to deliver higher returns to investors. (July 2014, 3 minutes)


In brief excerpts from an informal conversation, David Booth and Gene Fama discuss empirical research in finance and its proper use in designing investment products. (September 2014, 1 to 2 minutes each)


Dimensional Origins: Chairman and co-CEO David Booth and others talk about Dimensional's origins and how the firm works to implement the great ideas of finance. (December 2013, 4 minutes)

Fama's Prize

Dimensional announces Gene Fama's Nobel Prize in Economics with two short videos. In the first, Gene discusses the evolution of modern finance. In the second, he gives us a bit of his life story. (October 2013, 3 minutes and 7 minutes)

Fama on Finance

In this podcast, Gene Fama discusses his understanding of how markets work and offers some unconventional thoughts about the 2008 financial crisis, among other things. (January 2012, 60 minutes)