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About My Firm

My firm is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Adviser providing investment solutions for individuals and their families. I specialize in integrating personal, trust, and retirement accounts into comprehensive investment strategies. As an extension of my primary work, I may manage the endowments of family foundations and other charitable organizations of special concern to my clients.

My firm is efficient and focused. I outsource non-core administrative functions so that I can concentrate my time and attention on the needs of my clients, managing their portfolios and advising them on their important financial decisions.

Whenever possible, I work with my clients' attorneys, accountants, and other financial professionals to coordinate their investment planning with their tax, estate, and charitable planning. I welcome the opportunity to share ideas and strategies with my clients' other financial professionals with a view to best meeting their wealth management needs.

I established my investment firm in Hanover, New Hampshire in 2003. Before moving to Hanover, I lived in Naples, Florida, where I built a successful investment advisory business as part of a prominent estate planning firm. I have worked for Morgan Stanley in New York, and have taught at the University of Toronto and Kenyon College. I have degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Toronto.